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What are arrival and departure times?

Traditional and Crew camps start at 3pm on the first day of camp and ends at 10am on the last day of camp. Awards and a video are played at 10am on the last day of camp. Parents should arrive a few minutes early to get a seat before the video and awards start.

Jr and Sr Cabin leaders arrive at 10am on the first day of camp and leave at noon on the last day of camp.

What should my camper bring to camp?

Essential Items:
Flashlight, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, sleeping bag, pillow, water bottle, spending money – for the Camp Store during the week (We suggest between $3 to $5 per day, Non-food items range from $2.00 – $25.00 – Crafts range from $2-$15 - To prevent loss, money is held in the Camp Store from Check In to Check Out.)
Bible, pen or pencil, a positive attitude, the expectation to have lots of FUN!

Clothing to Bring:
Jeans, modest shorts (we would prefer that shorts were at least as long as the camper’s fingertips), sweatshirts, modest t-shirts (no spaghetti straps or strap-less shirts please), modest swimsuit, pajamas, warm jacket, underwear, socks, sneakers/tennis shoes, an extra pair of shoes or sandals (one pair that can get wet) and additional towel for going to the pool Note: LABEL ALL ITEMS! Please do not bring expensive clothing or shoes.

What NOT to Bring (also read Screen Policy):
Headphones, chewing gum, candy or food (although the wild animals would love it), fireworks, knives, weapons, electronic games, toys, animals or pets.
Smoking, alcohol, or other substance abuse are not allowed


Can I email my camper?

You can email your camper during camp at
Be sure to put your camper’s name on the subject line of the email!
Your emails will be printed and delivered to your camper if they are sent by 11:00am. Camper mail is not delivered on the last day of camp.

Do you post pictures of the campers on the internet?

Yes. We try to post pictures each day on the camp’s FaceBook page. We try to get all the campers in at least one picture. If your camper runs from the camera we’re really sorry about that. Just know that your camper is here or we would definitely call you.

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