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Kitchen Manager


General Responsibilities:  The Kitchen Manager shall be responsible for planning, purchasing, inventory and general oversight of the camp’s food service program, including supervision of all kitchen workers and the overall housekeeping of the kitchen/dining hall facilities. The Kitchen Manager shall be directly responsible to the Executive Camp Director.


Specific Responsibilities:

· Plan menu for all camp sessions with Program Director’s recommendations

· Provide Cooks and Assistant Cooks with daily menus, recipes and “tasks” list including quantities.

· Supervise general cleaning of the kitchen, food storage, food handling and preparation, (including the monitoring of food temperature) in accordance with Health Department regulations.

· Prepare food and kitchen supply orders for purchase.

· Receive, verify order, and store food deliveries.

· In general, the Kitchen Manager will be responsible for the preparation/supervision of breakfast and lunch meals.

· The Kitchen Manager will give oversight and direction for the remaining meal of the day for both the main camp, Base Camp, and rentals.

· Give oversight and direction to kitchen volunteers as they arrive.

· Determine menus for campers with dietary restrictions and be the primary contact for the parents of campers with dietary restrictions.

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