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Kitchen Helpers


General Responsibilities:  The Kitchen Helpers (2) shall be responsible for assisting in the preparation of all camp meals and other food activities, the housekeeping and arranging of the kitchen/dining hall facilities, washing and storage of dishes, and other duties as assigned by the cook. The Kitchen Helpers shall be directly responsible to the cooks but ultimately responsible to the Kitchen Manager.


Specific Responsibilities:

· Work under the direction of the Kitchen Manager or the Supper Cook.

· Assist the Cooks in the responsibilities assigned to them.

· Typical work includes: - Prepare breakfast meats such as sausage and bacon. - Prepare drinks for each meal. This is to be done at the end of the meal for the next meal to allow for cooling of the drinks. - Prepare vegetables for lunch and supper. - Help prepare desserts for lunch and supper. - Assist with meal clean-up of kitchen such as: putting away leftovers, cleaning serving areas, stoves, microwave, and food preparation areas. - Assist with housekeeping in the dining hall area.

· Wash out island sinks after each meal.

· Assist with food service in serving line.

· Assist the cook in preparation of special snacks, etc. at the request of the Program Director. (Special snacks are to be approved prior to food purchasing.)

· Help wash all utensils, pots & pans, and equipment used in food preparation.

· Wash all serving and eating utensils after each meal.

· Be certain the deep well sinks are cleaned at the conclusion of each meal clean-up.

· The morning assistant cook will begin work at 6:30AM and end when the lunch clean-up is finished. The evening assistant cook will begin work at 10:00 AM and end when the supper meal work is finished. On the days of staff meetings, the afternoon assistant cook will be expected to attend the staff meeting.

· Assist with all Camp clean-up at the end of each camp session. First the Dining Hall / Kitchen then to other areas upon its completion if needed.

· Other duties as assigned.

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