Summer 2020

We know that your lives have been turned upside down by our nations struggle with the Coronavirus.  We want you to know that we care, we’re thinking of you, and we’re praying.


We’ve heard from several places that we are not merely to endure this trial and return to our lives after it’s over, but that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to examine and reset the rhythms of our lives. 


Tami and I are listening to “Bible in One Year 2020 with Nicky Grumble” on “YouVersion” each morning.  What’s neat is that several of our family and friends are also listening and sharing their comments on the app.  It’s been so cool to read their thoughts on each passage.


We’re also eating our dinner together on the back patio near the fire pit.  We’re talking a lot.  We’ve had some arguments, but I’m listening to her more now.  And after 41 years of marriage I’m still learning more about her, what she thinks of things, and what makes her smile.

Life wasn’t bad before Covid-19, but it wasn’t perfect, and I think it can be better.  A closer connection to God and better, more genuine relationships with people in our lives.  That’s what I want.

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I’ll be praying for your “Reset”, Mitch McEfee, Executive Director

Forward Bible Camp operates on an all volunteer staff. Our full time staff are missionaries and our part time staff are volunteers. If you love Jesus, and are interested in volunteering with us, click below. 

Forward Bible Camp is centered on 37 acres. We rent out the facility to churches and small groups that would like to get away without having to give up the comforts of real food and bathrooms. 

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