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Leadership Training Camp is for ages 13 and older. There are sessions where you will be able to pick which course you would like to take, as well as fun and engaging sessions for the whole camp. If you want to lead effectively, then this camp is for you. Cost is $250. Leaders that sign up to volunteer can add this camp on to their leadership registration to save $150.

Bring-a-friend discount. If you have been to camp and get a friend who has never been to camp, to come to camp, then you and your friend can save $25. This stacks with multiple friends all the way up to a free camp. We won't pay you to come to camp, but will celebrate with you if you get that many new friends to attend. Have you and your friend(s) sign up and contact us before paying, so that we can apply the discount(s) before you pay.

CREW - Every week we have a CREW helping us behind the scenes. Crew members are 12-18 years old and work at the opposite gender's camp. If you want to have a small camp with other volunteers that like having fun and aren't afraid of getting dirty, then CREW is for you. This camp is loved by hard working students.

Leadership Training Camp 2nd-6th Grade Boys Camp 2nd-6th Grade Girls Camp 7th-9th Grade Bo

Forward Bible Camp operates on an all volunteer staff. Our full time staff are missionaries and our part time staff are volunteers. If you love Jesus, and are interested in volunteering with us, click below.

Forward Bible Camp is centered on 37 acres. We rent out the facility to churches and small groups that would like to get away without having to give up the comforts of real food and bathrooms.

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