The most popular activity at camp is, by far, night games. During these games, campers are given tasks that they must accomplish with their team under the cover of darkness. The objective usually includes getting somewhere and back without getting caught. Walking in the dark has a thrill to it, but it comes with some added risk. In the dark your imagination plays all kinds of tricks on you, and you are much more likely to stub your toe or trip. When night games finish, all campers immediately turn their flash lights on. As soon as the flash lights come on, the campers can see where they are and what the terrain is like. With a flash light a camper can confidently walk in the dark back to where they belong.

In a very real sense, life can be like Night Games.  The world gets confusing and scary without a bright light to show the way.  This camping season we will take our Bibles and turn to 1 John where we will see that God is the light we need and listening to Him will help us walk through the difficult terrain of life. Join us at camp this summer, as we learn about Life and Light.

Summer 2019 - Life and Light

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