To meet Covid-19 guidelines, we will implement the following precautions:

  1. Health check

    1. Staff temperatures will be checked on arrival

    2. Incoming families will be interviewed by masked staff

    3. Families will be encouraged to wear masks when they are close to other groups

    4. Family contact information will be kept in case of outbreak or CDC checkup

    5. Governor Newsom is requiring everyone to wear a mask when social distancing is not possible

  2. Kitchen

    1. Masks while preparing and serving food.

    2. Continued use of sanitizer on surfaces after each use

    3. Continued use of hand washing stations

    4. Specific volunteers for kitchen/dishes that are separate from bathrooms/pool volunteers

    5. Sanitizing of tables and benches before each meal

  3. Bathrooms/pool

    1. Sanitize bathroom handles and sinks 4 times per day.

    2. Clean bathrooms 2 times daily

    3. Sanitize pool slide rails, handrails, and gate latch daily

  4. Other

    1. Hand sanitizer stations at main areas: bathrooms, eating area, fire circle, pool, and rock wall

    2. Any group gatherings will be held in outdoor spaces with space for individuals to spread out and maintain social distancing protocols

    3. Sports equipment will be checked out and cleaned between uses.

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10321 Wentworth Springs Rd

Georgetown, CA 95634

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TEL: 530-333-4287


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